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In his earlier years, Paul Jeschke was a reporter for United Press International in Albany, New York and San Francisco.

After arriving in San Francisco in the early '60's, he got his baptism by fire at the Berkeley Free Speech Movement and the Oakland draft board riots, People's Park demonstrations and hippies invading the Haight-Ashbury district. Between demonstrations, he was UPI's reporter covering the San Francisco topless craze.

He made the transition to TV in 1969 as producer of Channel 44's "Sherwood-Smith Report," which was taken off the air just before the first "book" and ignominiously replaced by the Woody Woodpecker cartoon show.

He moved to KGO-TV circa 1972 where he started as Assignment Editor and went on to produce the Eleven O'clock News with Van Amburg, Jerry Jensen, John O'Reilly and Pete Giddings. Channel 7 News obtained its highest-ever ratings during this period, landing on several occasions in the top ten Bay Area programs for the week. This was the era of the "penis on the railroad tracks," threats and lawsuits by Synanon, and the "Zebra" murders.

He then moved to KPIX in the 70's for a one year tour as news director. Does anybody remember Gene Tuck, Andy Park, and sports with Milt Kahn?

Back to KGO as producer of the 6:00 News and an Emmy and RTNDA award for best breaking news: "Market Street Sniper."

After a number of years, he got tired of backtiming, picked up a microphone and has been covering daily news as a reporter since then, specializing as much as possible in environmental stories.

Paul is now retired and enoying a well deserved retirement.