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Emmy Nominations - 2003

The 32nd Annual Northern California Area EMMY Award Nominations were announced tonight, April 17, 2003, at Martuni's in San Francisco, as well as the Tied House in San Jose, the Todo Un Poco in Elk Grove, the Elbow Room in Fresno, and on the Internet. The EMMY is awarded by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. San Francisco/Northern California is one of the twenty chapters awarding local Emmys. Northern California is composed of television and cable stations from Visalia to the Oregon border and includes Hawaii and Reno, Nevada. Entries were aired during the 2002 calender year.

This year 622 entries were received in 50 categories. The ballots were tallied by accounting firm of Spalding & Company of San Francisco.

Congratulations to KPIX 5 for receiving 25 nominations. Channel 5 was followed by KRON 4 with 23 and by KNTV NBC 11 with 21. The Sacramento leader was KCRA with 10 nominations; the Hawaii leader was KITV with 6 nominations and in Reno, KOLO with 5 nominations. Congratulations also to Glen Kuiper (Fox Sports Net), who received 7 individual nominations. Lynn R Friedman, Dan Noyes and Beth Rimbey (all of KGO) each received 5 nominations. Ted Griggs (Fox Sports Net), Greg Marasso (KPIX), James Stimson (Sacramento's KCRA), Joe Washington (Fox Sports Net) and Pamela Young (Honolulu's KITV) received 4 nominations each.

The EMMY statues will be handed out at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on Saturday, May 17th. Tickets for the event are $85, with a $10 discount to Academy members until May 4th, and $95, with a $10 discount to Academy members after May 4th. The event will be hosted by comedian Brian Copeland. This year's event theme is Saturday Night Live, featuring Heather Courtney and the Thursday Night Band along with Vienna Teng as the special musical guest. The cocktail reception starts at 4 p.m. with the Emmy 2003 show at 5 p.m. The dinner-dance party will commence next door at The Exploratorium following the show at 8 p.m. with music provided by Masterpiece. For more information, e-mail or call (650) 341-7786.

The complete list of Emmy nominations follows:

KCRA 3 Reports at 11:00 KCRA
Dan Weiser, News Director; James Stimson, Assistant News Director; Kendall Kerr, Executive Producer; Kyle Grimes, Producer.

Noticias 14 Univision KDTV
Sandra Thomas, News Director; Alberto Larios, Executive Producer; Vicenta Jauregui, Producer.

ABC 7 News at 11 KGO
Kevin Keeshan, News Director; Stephanie Adrouny, Executive Producer; Krisann Chasarik, Producer; Jonathan Baxter, Director.

KOVR 13 News @ 10pm KOVR
Jim Lemon, News Director; Angie Tracy-Sheets, Producer; Frank Luna, Director; Paul Joncich and Jennifer Whitney, Anchors; George Franco and Erin McCallister, Reporters.

Eyewitness News at 11 KPIX
Dan Rosenheim, News Director.

KRON 4 News at 9pm KRON
Stacy Owen, News Director; Chris Archer, Producer; Fred Bushardt, Director.

Ten O'Clock News KTVU
Andrew Finlayson, News Director; Rita Chan, Producer; Jim Haman and Angie Morefield, Directors; Leslie Griffith and Dennis Richmond, Anchors; Bill Martin, Chief Meteorologist; Jim Branson, Managing Editor.

Noticias 19 a las 6 KUVS
Ingrid Luquetta, News Director.

News 10 at 6:00 KXTV
Ron Comings, News Director; Christina Tedesco, Producer; Dale Schornack and Jennifer Smith, Anchors; Gloria Moraga, Managing Editor.

Action News at Six KFSN
Joel Davis, News Director; Marta Bieber, Producer; Warren Armstrong and Graciela Moreno, Anchors; Ron Lopez, Assignment Editor.

Noticias 21 - 6:00pm KFTV
Samuel Belilty, News Director; Mario Lopez, Producer/Assignment Editor.

News Channel 8 @ 11 KOLO
Matt James, News Director; Jason Pasco, Executive Producer; Adrienne Abbott, Producer.

Channel 2 News at 5 KTVN
Michelle Loftin, News Director; Jenny Mulqueeney, Senior Producer; Gina Martini, Assistant News Director; David Ratto, Director; Wendy Damonte and John Mercer, Anchors.

The Bay Area Saturday KNTV
Norma Yuriar, Producer.

Eyewitness News at 4:30 KPIX
Kate Kelly and Barbara Rodgers, Anchors; Jeffrey Schaub and Len Ramirez, Reporters; Samantha Mohr, Weather Anchor.

Mornings on 2 KTVU
Andrew Finlayson, News Director; Rosemarie Schwarz, Executive Producer; Alicia Dlugosh and Stephanie Kelmar, Segment Producers; Frank Somerville, Anchor; Ted Rowlands, Reporter; Cathy Ortiz, Editing Supervisor.

In the Line of Fire KGPE
Tony Kirkpatrick, Producer; Erik Rosales, Reporter/Editor.

Cannon Fire Tanker Crash KOLO
Timothy Ill and Terri Russell, Producers.

Air Tanker Crash KXTV
Dan Adams, Reporter; Bill Carragher and Dave Novick, Photographers.

Puppy Warehouse KCRA
Lynsey Paulo, Reporter; Ronald A. Middlekauff, Photographer.

City Tow Composite KGO
Beth Rimbey, Producer; Dan Noyes, Reporter.

Flight 93 Composite KGO
Debora Villalon, Producer/Reporter; Lynn R Friedman, Editor.

Air Tanker Crash Investigation KOLO
Ed Pearce, Reporter.

Inside the Middle East KPIX
Peter Saiers, Producer; Ken Bastida, Reporter; Rick Villaroman, Photographer; Greg Marasso, Editor.

Dow Jones 30 KCRA
Mike TeSelle, News Reporter.

Tanker Crash KOLO
Timothy Ill and Terri Russell, Producers.

Stolen Meat KCRA
Ethan Harp, Reporter.

Haunted Old Del Monte KION
Brian Speciale, Reporter.

Sheet Music Man KNTV
Joe Rosato, Jr., Field Producer; Jonas Tichenor, Reporter; Robert Wellington, Photographer.

Snow Shovel Speed Racers KNTV
Sharon Katsuda, Reporter; Dean C. Smith, Photographer.

Dockers Test KPIX
Mike Sugerman, Reporter; Steve Field, Camera; Paul Morrill, Editor.

Penny for Your Thoughts KCRA
Lynsey Paulo, Reporter.

Guard Rail KGO
Beth Rimbey, Producer; Dan Noyes, Reporter; Marc Sanchez-Corea, Videographer; Lynn R Friedman, Editor.

V. T. A. Guy Retires KNTV
Linton Johnson, Reporter.

Pro-Anorexia Websites KPIX
Claudia Lombana, Producer.

Cancer Boy - Artist KSEE
Bud Elliott, Anchor/Reporter.

Tequila KUVS
Pedro Calderon, Anchor.

Under the Cherry Orchard KXTV
Jonathan Mumm, Reporter; Anthony Cisneros, Photographer.

Sierra Sky Ranch KFSN
DeAnna McQueen, Reporter; Sam Anselmo Gill, Photographer.

Adventuring Alaska KITV
Garrett Sprinkle, Reporter.

Nevada Haunts KOLO
Terri Hendry, Reporter; Justin Kanno, Associate Producer.

Commute Rules KPIX
Mike Sugerman, Reporter; Mike Davich, Camera; Mary Janczura, Editor.

The Game Outside the Ball Park KPIX
John Lobertini, Producer.

Contact 4 Diet Challenge KRON
Abby Sterling, Producer; Joe Ducey, Reporter; Stan Drury and Glen Kinion, Photojournalists; Alex Jonsson, Editor.

911: All Lines Are Busy KGMB
Jacqueline McLean, Reporter.

Heart Transplant KPIX
Tony Russomanno, Producer/Reporter.

Muslims In America KPIX
Peter Saiers, Producer; Barbara Rodgers, Reporter.

Aryan Brotherhood KTVU
Leslie Donaldson, Producer; Rob Roth, Reporter; Tony Hodrick, Photographer.

Lost Children of Romania KTVU
Leslie Griffith, Reporter; Don McCuaig, Photographer; Doug Louie, Editor.

Cover Story KNTV
Lisa Kim, Reporter.

Political Reporting KPIX
Hank Plante, Political Editor.

Beating the Odds Composite KRON
Noel Cisneros, Catherine Heenan and Wendy Tokuda, Reporters.

Consumer Composite KRON
Abby Sterling, Producer; Joe Ducey and Emerald Yeh, Reporters; Stan Drury, Cameraman; Jim Joy, Editor.

The Legal Edge KTXL
Hugh McChord, Director; Michel James Bryant, Host.

Close to Home KNTV
Jim Sanders, Executive Producer; Dana Nachman, Producer; Smriti Aggarwal, Associate Producer; Allen Denton, Anchor; Donald Hardy, Mark Villarreal, and Brad Williams, Photographers; Barton Bishoff, Creative Director.

Hope on the Street KQED
Sue Ellen McCann, Executive Producer; Michael Isip, Producer; Elizabeth Pepin, Associate Producer; Martin Christian, Richard Enos and Aimee McKinney, Cameramen; Robert O'Geen, Editor; Rick Santangelo, Sound.

Hope Along the Wind KQED/E. Slade Productions
Eric Slade, Producer/Director; Jack Walsh, Producer; Lindsay Sablosky, Associate Producer.

Day of the Gun KRON
Jim Swanson, Executive Producer; Ken Swartz, Producer; Belva Davis, Narrator.

Missing School Inventory KGMB
Jacqueline McLean, Investigative Reporter.

Bricker's Tow KGO
Beth Rimbey, Producer; Dan Noyes, Anchor/Reporter; Lynn R Friedman, Editor.

Child Abduction Underground KGO
Beth Rimbey, Producer; Dan Noyes, Anchor/Reporter; Marc Sanchez-Corea, Photographer; Lynn R Friedman, Editor.

Secret at St. Mary's KGO
Beth Rimbey, Producer; Dan Noyes, Reporter; Lynn R Friedman, Editor.

Airport Security KPIX
Robbi Peele, Producer; Hank Plante, Reporter; Joe Riordan and Rick Villaroman, Photographers; Greg Marasso, Editor.

Anti-Aging KPIX
Robbi Peele, Producer; Hank Plante, Reporter; Joe Riordan, Photographer; Greg Marasso, Editor.

Chevron Giants Pre-Game Show Fox Sports Net
Sean Maddison, Producer; Glen Kuiper, Host; Mike Phillips, Camera.

Out of Sight KHNL
Seth Feldman, Producer; Duncan Armstrong, Photojournalist.

Charlie Wedemeyer Story KPIX
Sharon Chin, Producer/Reporter; Jenn Garrison, Photographer.

49ers Playbook KTVU
Pete Lupetti, Producer.

Ticket Lady KXTV
Mark Hedlund, Reporter; Anthony Cisneros, Photographer.

There is an "A" in Streak Fox Sports Net
Seth Magalaner, Producer; Jack Pavelick, Editor.

Warrior Pride KGMB
Liz Chun, Executive Producer; John Allen III, Director.

Behind the Shield KICU/Atomic Productions
Danny Angotti, Producer; Chris Gargano, Producer.

The Road to Gold KNTV
Bob Goldberger, Executive Producer; Craig Fierro and Dana Nachman, Producers; Allen Denton, Anchor; Raj Mathai, Host/Talent; Jonas Tichenor, Reporter/Writer; Dean C. Smith and Robert Wellington, Photographers.

2002 Oakland A's Fox Sports Net
Ted Griggs, Executive Producer; Tim Sullivan, Producer; Tom Adza, Director; Greg Papa, Announcer; Glen Kuiper, Side Line Reporter; Joe Washington, Coordinating Producer.

Golden State Warriors vs. Lakers Fox Sports Net
Ted Griggs, Executive Producer; Vaughn Kilgore, Producer; Tom Adza, Director; Glen Kuiper, Side Line/Halftime Reporter; Joe Washington, Coordinating Producer.

San Jose Sharks Game 7 Fox Sports Net
Ted Griggs, Executive Producer; Frank Albin, Director of Production; D'Aulaire Louwerse, Producer; Jim Lynch, Director; Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda, Announcers; Glen Kuiper, Side Line Reporter; Joe Washington, Coordinating Producer.

SF Giants' Home Opener Fox Sports Net
Ted Griggs, Executive Producer; Jeff Kuiper, Producer; Jim Lynch and John Ward, Directors; Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper and Glen Kuiper, Talent; Joe Washington, Coordinating Producer.

San Diego Chargers @ San Francisco 49ers KPIX
John Catchings, Producer; Robert M. Bruce, Director; Mark Baggs, Technical Director.

No Nominations.

Damming the Yangtze KGO
Kristen Sze, Reporter; Harvey Weinman, Editor.

Kuleto's Design KNTV
Brad Hicks, Reporter.

Orson Welles' Revenge KPIX
John Corey, Producer.

Muslim Women KPIX
Peter Saiers, Producer; Barbara Rodgers, Reporter; Greg Marasso, Editor.

Port Chicago KRON
Eunice Louie, Producer.

Biography Hawaii KHET
Joy Chong-Stannard, Producer/Director.

Mixed Plate KITV
Pamela Young, Producer/Director.

Evening Magazine KPIX
James Reid, Producer; Sean P. Phillips, Photographer.

Death in the Sierra, The Donner Party KRON
Jim Swanson, Executive Producer; Ken Swartz, Producer; Belva Davis, Narrator.

History of the Motion Picture KNTV
Douglas DeVore, Producer; Wendy Van Wazer, Associate Producer; David Sorokach, Director.

The Straus Family KQED
Jon Fromer, Producer; Elizabeth Pepin, Associate Producer; Bill Corona, Camera.

Fremont Afghan Community KRON
Eunice Louie, Producer.

Richmond KRON
Michael Rosenthal, Producer/Writer; Brian Cardello, Photographer.

Sam Spade's San Francisco KRON
Andrew Burns, Producer.

Autism: Secrets of the Mind KCRA
James Stimson, Executive Producer; Karen Tann, Producer; Sarah Gardner, Reporter; Larry Blitstein, Photographer; John Breedlove, Editor.

In My View: Photo Memories of 9/11 KCSM
Dante Betteo, Executive Producer; Kaveh Nikpour and Josh Springer, Producers/Directors.

Hawaii's Greatest Storm - The Hurricane KHNL
Sharie Shima, Producer; Dell Ison, Editor.

Bay Area Backroads KRON
Michael Rosenthal, Producer/Writer; Eunice Louie, Story Producer; Brian Cardello, Photographer.

Discover California KVIE
Lori Halloran, Series Producer.

Race for the Cure, A Message of Hope KCRA
James Stimson, Executive Producer; Karen Tann, Producer; Edie Lambert, Anchor/Reporter; Tana Castro and Mike TeSelle, Reporters; John Breedlove, Photographer/Editor.

Lonely Island: Hidden Alcatraz KQED
Bud Gundy, Producer; Rick Butler, Director; Greg Sherwood, Host; Hanna Lin, Associate Producer.

Dying For Peace KRON
Craig Franklin and Cathryn Poff, Producers; Tomas Roman, Reporter; Jim Joy, Editor.

Cal-Hi Sports KGO/Student Sports Inc.
Robert Braunstein, Executive Producer/Host.

Oak Grove Football 2002 KICU
Alforde M. Joaquin, Videographer.

Switching Schools for Dad KICU
Brodie Brazil, Reporter/Editor.

Art Smarts KHET/Teleschool Branch Hawaii DOE
Ann Marie Kirk, Producer/Director.

Adventures in Science and Art Peninsula TV
Hamid Khani, Producer/Director.

Crock Hunter Collision KNTV
Jonas Tichenor, Reporter; Josh Keppel, Photographer.

Mighty Mites: Mutton Bustin' KPIX
Margaret M. Slattery, Producer; Branson Tarr, Videographer.

Winslow's Wild Kingdom KPIX
Margaret M. Slattery, Producer; Robert Mayberry, Videographer; Rory Keenan, Editor.

Xtreme Croquet KPIX
Dave Stoelk, Producer/ Correspondent.

Bogart and Beyond KRON
Jim Swanson, Executive Producer; Christa Resing, Producer; Sheraz Sadiq, Associate Producer.

The Ranjber Family KQED
Jon Fromer, Producer; Elizabeth Pepin and Sheraz Sadiq, Associate Producers; Bill Corona, Camera.

9/11 Photo Exhibit KVIE
Brian Harder, Producer; Aimee McKinney, Videographer.

Uprooted: Refugees of the Global Economy KQED/National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights
Jon Fromer, Francisco Herrera, Sasha Khokha and Ulla Nilsen, Producers.

Beating the Odds Special KRON
Javier Valencia, Executive Producer; Kelly Boan, Producer; Wendy Tokuda, Reporter; Alex Jonsson, Segment Producer; Duncan Kennedy, Associate Producer.

California Connected - Various
Marley Klaus, Executive Producer; Bob Melisso, Supervising Producer.

High Stakes at the Salton Sea KVIE/Water Education Foundation
Sue Pearson Atkinson, Producer; John C. Davis, Editor.

Dead Zone Maps KNTV
Brad Hicks, Reporter.

Presumed Guilty Interactive Web Site KQED
Angela K. Morgenstern, Producer; Colleen Wilson, Consulting Producer.

Election 2002 KTVU
Andrew Finlayson, News Director; Roland We Wolk, Producer; Randy Shandobil and Jim Vargas, Reporters; Gabriel Crow, Internet Manager; Sara Needham, Content Manager; Rudy Ortega, Designer; John Civiletti, Promotion Producer.

California Connected - Various
Jose Marquez, Producer.

Medicine, Milestones and Miracles KCRA/U. C. Davis
Karen Charney, Executive Producer; Stephanie Locher, Producer; Peter Holmes, Production Coordinator.

Profiles of Excellence KGO
Mimi Kwan, Producer; Kristen Sze, Host; Dan Friedman, Editor.

Behind the Cinnabar Gate KITV
Pamela Young, Producer/Director; Stuart Ishikawa, Photographer.

One Call AT&T Broadband-Marin 26
Chris Bollini, Producer.

Marin Cancer Project KRON/Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Jeff Goodby, Director/Creative.

Suicide Prevention KTVU
Rosy Chu, Producer; Michael Krajac, Editor.

Day of the Gun KRON
Ericka Wingerter, Producer/Writer.

Dying for Peace KRON
Michael Smith, Producer/Writer.

San Quentin: Prison in Paradise KRON
Mollie Wagner, Producer/Writer.

F. D. Promos Composite - Santa Rosa Community Media Access Center
Paul Schwartz, Producer.

No Nominations.

It's All About the Bay Area KNTV
Bryan Green and Dean Shirley, Producers.

KQED Storytellers KQED
Bridget Louie, Producer.

Coverage Image KTVN
David Ratto, Producer/Director; Bryan Sintay, Producer/Writer.

Right Here KXTV
Kevin Hale, Producer/Writer/Editor.

El Portaaviones (U.S.S. Constellation) KFTV
Carlos Gaviria, Photographer.

Caught on Tape KGPE
Tony Kirkpatrick, Photographer.

Bishoff Composite KNTV
Barton Bishoff, Photojournalist.

Hardy Composite KNTV
Donald Hardy, Photographer.

Mexican Priests KNTV
Mark Villarreal, Photographer.

Hodrick Composite KTVU
Tony Hodrick, Cameraman.

The Legal Edge Composite KTXL
Hugh McChord, Videographer.

Flag Was Still There Composite - AT&T Broadband-Marin 26
Chris Bollini, Videographer.

Mixed Plate KITV
Rex Von Arnswaldt, Cameraman.

High Stakes at the Salton Sea KVIE/Alpenwolf Productions
John C. Davis, DP Camera.

Wine Country Living KBWB/KNTV
Brian Dennis, Design Director.

KRON 4 College Football KRON
Bryan K. Johnson, Designer.

Coverage Image KTVN/ImageSync
David Ratto, Designer.

Armed and Dangerous KTVU
Deanne Moenster, Design Director; Casey Kespohl, Senior Designer; Gabe Nansen, Designer.

California Connected - Various
Chris Pagani, Designer.

Alcatraz is Not an Island KQED/Diamond Island Productions
James M. Fortier, Director.

Rediscovering the Labyrinth KQED/Grace Catheral
Rick Johnson, Director.

California Connected - Various
Jose Colomer, Director.

Adza Composite Fox Sports Net/KGO
Tom Adza, Director.

Lynch Composite Fox Sports Net
Jim Lynch, Director.

Bollini Composite KFTY
Chris Bollini, Editor.

Year Ender KRON
Patrick Hooley, Editor.

Twins KSEE
George A. Garnica, Editor.

Munsch Composite KTVU
Dina Maria Munsch, Editor.

Fisher Composite KBWB
Jeff Fisher, Editor.

Warrior Pride KGMB
John Allen III, Editor.

High School Sports Focus KICU
Alforde M. Joaquin, Editor.

DeVore Composite KNTV/Media Center
Douglas DeVore, Editor.

Craig Marrs, Set Designer.

Great American Toy Test & Battery Test KTVU
John Mayne and Leaf Sarlya, Set Designs; Robert Erdiakoff, Lighting Director.

California Connected - Various
Scott Storey, Set Designer.

Fitzpatrick Composite KCRA
Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Anchor.

NBC 11 News KNTV
Lisa Kim, Anchor.

King Composite KPIX
Dana King, Anchor.

Weathercast KGO
Joel Bartlett, Meteorologist.

Torrential Rainfall Event KPIX
Samantha Mohr, Meteorologist.

Freedman Composite KGO
Wayne Freedman, Reporter.

Bob on the Loose KNTV
Bob Redell, Reporter.

Jones Composite KRON
Mark Jones, Reporter.

Adams Composite KXTV
Dan Adams, Reporter.

Howard Composite KXTV
Dana Howard, Reporter.

Warren Composite KXTV
George Warren, Reporter.

Golden State Warriors Announcer Fox Sports Net
Glen Kuiper, Side Line/Halftime Announcer.

Oakland A's Announcer Fox Sports Net
Greg Papa, Announcer.

San Jose Sharks Announcers Fox Sports Net
Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda, Announcers; Glen Kuiper, Side Line Reporter.

Mixed Plate Composite KITV
Pamela Young, Talent.

Wine Country Living Composite KNTV
Brad Hicks, Host.

Wine Country Living KNTV
Mary Babbitt, Host.

Penna Health Check Composite KOVR
Diana Penna, Host.

Wu Composite KPIX
Elaine L. Wu, Talent.

Discover California KVIE
Jack Gallagher and Vicki Liviakis, Hosts.

Honor System KGO
Wayne Freedman, Writer.

Sugerman Composite KPIX
Mike Sugerman, Writer.

Lost Children of Romania KTVU
Leslie Griffith, Writer.

Autism: Secrets of the Mind KCRA
James Stimson and Karen Tann, Writers.

Mixed Plate KITV
Pamela Young, Writer.

Stoelk Composite KPIX
Dave Stoelk, Writer.

La Familia KNTV
Mark Villarreal, Audio Editor.

Children and Asthma KQED/Light-Saraf
Paul Zahnley, Re-Recording Mixer.

Lonely Island: Hidden Alcatraz KQED
Ross Wilson, Sound Designer; Paul Zahnley, Re-Recording Mixer.

Morning News - Live Shots KRON
David Fix, Audio Editor.

No Nominations.

4th of July 2002 KTVU
Jim Haman, Producer; Steve Shlisky, Editor.

OIA Football Oceanic Time Warner Cable 52/National Mobile Television
Rodney Kobayakawa, Engineer-in-Charge.