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Emmy Recipients - 1999

The 28th Annual Northern California Area Emmy Awards were presented May 22nd at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco.

Best News Large Market was a tie between KPIX, San Francisco and KXTV, Sacramento. Small Market News went to KTVN, Reno, NV.

KXTV, Sacramento received eight Emmys; followed by KRON, seven; KGO, KPIX, and KTVU with six; ZDTV, four, FOX Sports Bay Area, three.

KGO Reporter Wayne Freedman added three more Emmy statues to his collection. Double winners include: Anthony Cisneros, Phil Desmangles, KXTV; Rob Genolio, ZDTV; Kit Dillon Givas, Dana Howard , KXTV; Nancy Juliber, ZDTV; Dean M. Kendrick, KRON; John Mayfield, Adam Sibler, KXTV.

The Governors´┐Ż Emmy Trophy went to KPIX Anchor, Dave McElhatton for his 49 years in broadcasting. Anne Alvergue (Stanford), Marie E. Drennan (San Francisco State University), and Derek Stonebarger (Sonoma State University) each received $2,000 scholarships to pursue their careers in television. KTVU's Ron Louie was presented with a lifetime gold card membership and Past President's Statue. Yvonne Clearwater, NASA, was presented with the Governors Service Medallion.

The Emmy Awards were webcast for the first time, the entire evening will be available for viewing during the next month. KCSM 60 will broadcast the live to tape ceremony on Sunday night, May 23rd from 7 to 9 pm. After the ceremony the five hundred attendees enjoyed a buffet dinner, and dancing to Scott Singer's "The Magnificent Martini Masters."
(PreShow, Emmy Presentation, & Party)

A complete list of all the nominations follows:

For Outstanding Achievement In:

News Broadcast-Large Market:
Eyewitness News at 5 KPIX
Daniel Webster, News Director
News 10 at 5 KXTV
Ron Comings, Executive News Director; Tracy Brogden, Executive Producer; Adam Silber, Producer

News Broadcast-Small Market:
Channel 2 News at 6:30 KTVN
Nancy Cope, News Director

Breaking News:
Police Chase: Stolen Truck KXTV
Adam Silber, Producer; Doug Miller, Anchor; Rob Marshall, Pilot/Reporter

General News Reporting:
Honduras: Maternity Ward KPIX
Claudia Lombana, Producer; Dana King, Correspondent;
Mario Cavazos, Photographer/Editor

Light News Feature:
Wall of Hope KCRA
Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Reporter; Brian Fong, Photojournalist
Diving Dog KGO
Wayne Freedman, Producer/Reporter; Doug Laughlin, Photographer; Lynn R Friedman, Editor

Serious News Feature:
Nicholas' Gift of Life KGO
Lyanne Melendez, Producer/Reporter; Cathy Cavey, Photographer; Pedro Peraza, Editor

Light News Feature-Series:
KTVU Iron Woman KTVU
Valerie Mizuhara, Field Producer; Kim Hunter, Reporter;
Renee Gaumond, Photographer; Dina Maria Munsch, Editor
Space Amateurs: Rocket Launch KXTV
Dale Schornack, Reporter; John Mayfield, Photographer; Greg Marasso, Editor

Serious News Feature-Series:
Children of Crack Street KXTV
Dan Adams, Producer/Reporter; Anthony Cisneros, Producer/Photographer

Specialized Reporting:
Show Closers-Wayne Freedman's Notebook KGO
Wayne Freedman, Producer; Steve Ligtelyn, Elvin MacDonald, Photographers; James Sudweeks, Harvey R. Weinman, Editors
Ten on Your Side: Toys KXTV
Kit Dillon Givas, Producer; Dana Howard, Reporter;
Phil Desmangles, John Larimore, Photographers

Return to Jonestown KTVU
Don McCuaig, Producer/Photographer; Bob MacKenzie, Reporter; Michael Krajac, Editor

Investigative Reporting:
Charity Cars KXTV
Kit Dillon Givas, Producer; Dana Howard, Reporter;
Anthony Cisneros, Dave Novick, Phil Desmangles, Photographers; Mike Garza, Editor

Sports Segment:
St. Francis Volleyball Champions KICU
J. D. Pruess, Producer/Reporter

Sports Special:
Baseball's Island Paradise KRON
Gregg Byron, Producer

Sports Program:
Stanford Sports Magazine: Sweet 16 Edition Fox Sports Bay Area
Larry Meyers, Executive Producer; Seth Magalaner, Coordinating Producer; David Koppett, Producer; Brian Webber, Host; Marilyn Heiss, Editor

Sports Live Broadcast:
Golden State Warriors Basketball KICU
Dan Becker, Executive Producer/Director; Aaron Stojkov, Producer

Cultural Affairs Segment:
Marketplace: Ayy Chihuahua! KGO
Sylvia E. Ramirez, Producer
NewsCenter 4: The Rape of Nanking KRON
Emerald Yeh, Reporter; Craig Franklin, Photographer

Cultural Affairs Program:
Spectrum Hawaii: Kiho alu Masters KHET
Cynthia Verschuur Powell, Producer
Sizongena-Coming Home KQED/Vukani Mawethu
Jon Fromer, Producer; Raven, Photographer; Rick Bacigalupi, Editor

Informational Short Subject:
Pulse: GDC KXTV/Screaming Flea Productions
Peter Roney, Producer; Beth Ruyak, Host/Writer; John Mayfield, Photographer

Informational Program:
Bay Area Backroads: Alaskan Adventure KRON
Stacy Waters, Producer; Jack Uhalde, Photographer

Children/Youth Segment:
First Cut: Sex: Then and Now KRON
Bertrand Pellegrin, Producer; May Hanecak, Coordinating Producer; Dean M. Kendrick, Photographer; Jim Joy, Editor

Children/Youth Program:
The Teddy Bear Factory SF Educational Access/Premier Images
Andrew Wright, Producer

Entertainment Segment:
Evening Magazine: Carnivores Plants KPIX
Jon Taylor, Photographer
Our Town: Yo-Yos KTVU
Kristine Hanson, Talent/Writer; Steve Shlisky, Editor

Entertainment Program:
First Cut: Spring Break Special KRON
Dean M. Kendrick, Photographer/Audio/Lighting

Current Affairs Program:
Talking Back: Caring for Aging Parents KGO
Maggie M. Baxter, Producer; Cynthia Cristilli, Producer-Life Theatre; Cheryl Jennings, Host

Public Service Announcement:
Confused?/Chicken Pox Vaccine KTVN/ImageSync
David Ratto, Producer/Director; Christiane Brown, Producer/Writer

Promotion News:
Return to Jonestown KTVU
Cesar Chavez, Producer/Sr. Writer; Deanne Moenster-Kellerhals, Design Director

Promotion Program:
Evening Magazine: Road Trip-People KPIX
Ed Cushing, Producer
Call For Help: Slam ZDTV
Rob Genolio, Producer

Promotion Image:
40th Anniversary KTVU
Steve Poitras, Producer; Rick Reaves, Editor
ZDTV Network Campaign ZDTV
Nancy Juliber, Executive Producer

This is our Story, This is our Song KQED/Skip Brown Productions
Stuart Dubey, Executive Audio Producer

Camera News:
The Legal Edge KTXL
Hugh McChord, Photographer

Camera Program:
Solsbury Hill Composite SciFi/HGTV
Emery Clay III, Director of Photography

Internet Tonight Open ZDTV
Lisa Rubenelli, Artist

Direction Live:
Lynch Composite Fox Sports Bay Area
Jim Lynch, Director

Direction Tape:
Adventures with Kanga Roddy: Grandpa Is Cool KTEH/American Champion Media
Doug Freeman, Director

Editing News:
Lowry Composite KOVR
Mike Lowry, Editor
Holmes Composite KRON
Karyne Holmes, Editor

Editing Program:
Fisher Composite KBWB
Jeff Fisher<, Editor

Set Design/Lighting:
Nothin' Fishy About It KXTV
Kimberly Russell, Set Designer; Christopher Garvey, Lighting Director

On Camera News-Studio:
Mornings on 2/Noon News KTVU
Frank Somerville, Anchor

On Camera News-Field:
Wayne Freedman-Show Closers KGO
Wayne Freedman, Reporter

On Camera Sports:
San Francisco Giants Baseball Fox Sports Bay Area
Duane Kuiper, Talent

On Camera Program:
Evening Magazine KPIX
Jonathan Karsh, Host

Writing News:
Lyon Composite KRON
Greg Lyon, Writer

Writing Program:
Mixed Plate KITV
Pamela Young, Writer
Evening Magazine: Sugerman Composite KPIX
Mike Sugerman, Writer

Tilde and Dash Composite ZDTV
Nancy Juliber, Executive Producer; Aaron Wasserman, Rob Genolio, Producers; Kate Botello, Pat Flick, Talent; Robin Richardson, Art Director; Kristine Moss, Karsten Bondy, Technical Producers

Eligibility Area: Northern California (Visalia to the Oregon border), Hawaii and Reno, NV

Eligibility Period: January 1 though December 31, 1998.

Additional Awards presented:

The Governors Award: Dave McElhatton, KPIX

Past Presidents Emmy and Life Membership Gold Card: Ron Louie, KTVU

Governors Service Medallion: Yvonne Clearwater, NASA

$2,000 Scholarships were awarded to:
Anne Alvergue (Stanford)
Marie E. Drennan (San Francisco State University
Derek Stonebarger (Sonoma State University)